Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hooray For Noise Pollution


It is about 1 AM, and I cannot get to sleep. And it is not even noisy any more. About half an hour back, there was a party going on. Very close to where I live, and past midnight, the stillness of the night was being broken asunder by very loud music, and people dancing.
Was I being disturbed? Probably yes. I could not sleep and I wanted to. But my mind would go back to the thump of the bass, and the fact that the watch told me that it was way too late. Probably booze flowing too. I could find the keys to the gate, and after a while I jumped over the iron bars and walked into that house. I knew a couple of persons vaguely. I was filled with a rage that surprised me. And I was full of vile abuse, and said all I had in mind. Shortly thereafter the music stopped.
Its been half an hour since, and I am still wide awake and I spoiled someone's party.
I am so sorry.
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