Friday, May 23, 2008

This Affair Comes With a Guarantee to Last

Well, I took this picture yesterday. I had gone to the rock garden and the absence of telephoto lens apart, the picture taking was fun indeed. I walked past a wall covered with grafitti, littered with shards of broken commodes, wash basins and the like when I saw a juxtaposition that suggested itself. A proclamation of love, certified by the ISI (Indian standards institute... currently also called the BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards for unknown reasons). And the humor apart, I wondered that is really ever possible... I mean does love last? Or should it at all?
The walls and the parks all over the city seem to suggest that everyone is crazily in love so maybe it does after all.
As I came back home, I started thinking about a book called the Quiet American by Graham Greene (him again, the bane of all thinking men).

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manisha said...

what is the book about?

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