Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai
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Raghu Rai said that he had come to Chandigarh to uproot photographers from their comfort zones. Well, I don't know how far he succeeded but there certainly was some food for thought. First things first, the workshop was not a workshop in the conventional sense. In fact there was no technical baloney at all. It was all about philosophy and doing what looks great.
Rahu Rai has his own style of pictures and keeping my normal hoity-toity attitude aside I have to admit that his sense of timing is quite immaculate. He uses great equipment and admits that he does. So his lack of pretensions was quite refreshing. We has another session where participants of the workshop projected their own hopelessly pretty sunsets and cliched landscapes and he was quite forthright about saying that most of it sucked.
I went away feeling irritated about the whole coming down to earth experience and then looked at some of my old pictures and realized that while I am frequently good where I have to seek out a picture, I am often overwhelmed whenever I am overwhelmed by possibilities. I think I have to work on that now.
I took this picture and it just quite naturally suggested itself, about the only thing that I have been happy about in a long time.
Raghu Rai had a look at it and I believe was quite amused though he thought that the lettering behind his head was a bit too prominent. Well, I really cant help that even though that is an excuse.

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