Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A strange sight

I was driving to Banur when enroute and outside the Chattbir Zoo, I saw a Sambar deer on the road. It was thrashing wildly around, I thought it might have escaped from the zoo or run in from the hills and been run over by a vehicle. As I pulled in closer, I stopped the car and saw that there were no obvious injuries. A couple of other people stopped by too. I was thinking of what to do, I thought maybe the deer was having an epileptic seizure the way it was moving its limbs. Then I thought of getting someone from the zoo, surely they would know what to do. But then all of a sudden, after about 30 seconds of lying around and thrashing around wildy, the deer got to its feet and scooted off like a rabit or rather a deer into the undergrowth and was lost to view. I wonder what it was all about.


Dhaval Momaya said...

Scratching an itch, perhaps?

Shrinked Immaculate said...

Seriously, is that possible>>?

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