Monday, May 18, 2009

Ova and Oudh

Some last words as some last hours slip by. ....

Well, I would say that I reached here about 15 years back, started living here about 10 years back and well, did not particularly like the experience. I found a lot of stuff, made some money, met some interesting people, knew a few women, and got a degree. I also lost an important person and found that life could change overnight and not necessarily for the better. In addition, after a few false starts, I also managed to get married.
What have I learnt? Nothing. Except all the things i always knew.
Why am I leaving? I don't think I am leaving but it is time to move on.
Of course, a certain Ova and a not so uncertain Oudh helped me along the way.


illusions said...

There are different types of learning. Intellect and reasoning are necessary, but we should not let them eat up our heart. Thiking differ from feelings, take a min to allow yourself to feel, then you will surely know what you have learned from this place, that is something you will take with you always, where ever you go. Good Luck:)

Anand said...

Congratulations and all the best.

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