Thursday, July 02, 2009

A strange reason

I have missed getting movie tickets for a lot of reasons. I have missed getting them because I have not wanted to watch the movie, or because I was short of money, or I got to the theater late, was not smart enough to take an opportunity when it presented itself and other such stuff. Today however, I missed watching movie for an entirely different reason. I wanted to watch the Star Trek movie and all the reviews seemed to suggest that it is a good picture. So I made my way to Saharaganj Mall in Lucknow that also houses the PVR cinema. Sure enough Star Trek was playing there. So I asked this guy at the counter for a ticket and he says that he needs at least five people before he can get me a ticket otherwise the show has to be scrapped. As a result I wait, I have a walk to the ShahNajaf Imambada nearby, gradually loll around, look longingly at the booze shop close by, see those ladies with lovely eyes in their naquabs and eventually make it back after some time, now I am in luck it seems. There have been 3 other people there interested in watching the movie. So I wait, just one more, there has to be someone. And as it turns out even those 3 who were interested fail to turn up. And so I miss a movie not because it was a 'house full', but because it was an 'empty house'. Meanwhile I overheard a somewhat lyrical exchange between two guys who had come over to watch a movie. The debate is on whether the money should be spent on the english or the hindi version of 'terminator salvation'.

First Guy: Lets watch the english version

Second guy: No way

First guy: Why not, we are not ignoramuses

Second guy: (this is where the lyrical stuff comes in, the meter is mine that was produced in course of translation)

O, you bug of the penis, (Latin name: Phallophilus lucknowi Linn.)

do not go searching around in pubic hair.

you may look high and low,

but u will end up with just that, pubic hair.



Socrates said...

umm... maybe it's a bit lost on an British man.

Are they saying watching an English film is like rooting around in someone's underpants?

Shrinked Immaculate said...

Something like that Socrates

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