Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sid Woke Up in Bombay

Well Sid needs to wake up unless he wants a good thrashing and a free ride back to Bihar. But Sid is a Mehra, aren't those buggers from Punjab, no matter, we will send him to Bihar anyways. What the hell does he mean, calling our beloved Mumbai Bombay, and that too not once or twice but many times in the entire bloody movie. I mean its enough that senior Mehra who is a Kher comes to Amchi Mumbai, and makes a fortune making shower faucets, sells them all over the country, teaches Indians how to enjoy a shower alone and in company, that in comes this stupid Sid-wid fellow who does clubbing-shubing and finds his tequila sozzled tongue too stiff to curve around Mumbai?? Make it mandatory for all clubs to have bouncers who bounce out people who cant say Mumbai at the first go and walk in a straight line. get those swastika armbands and whips out, and get those dogs out too for Amchi Mumbai's sake!!!!
And what does this karan Johar fellow mean by getting a Bong babe who answers to a Muslim name to come in and take a job that should have been rightfully reserved for a son/daughter of the beaches on the Arabian sea soil. Disgraceful I say. And whats worse is that she even manages to get a flat on rent. Where is that fellow Imran hashmi who makes all those stupid accusations??
In fact the only person who spoke Marathi in the entire movie was some saucy, over-the-hill tart who was called Sonia. Imagine, not even a Gangu Bai. Disgraceful and as dad would say, hopeless!!!
The only Mumbai in the movie was some rag run out of a falling warehouse called Mumbai Beat. Yeah they need a beating, all of them. Starting from the Das female down to Anupam Kher with the bags under the eyes.
And all that Jazz-shazz and stuff, why not a magazine director with a stubble who has passionate raptures watching the tamasha while sipping his single malt.
Ban the movie I say and all will be fine. And while you are at it, lets drive all thos eNorth Indians, South Indians, East Indians and West Indians out of here. Of course, we love the West Indians from Barbados.

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