Friday, January 15, 2010

Chandigarh Administration 2010 Calendar- No Credits.

Ferris Wheel-2
Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
I went to a Chandigarh Admn office today for some work and I was pretty surprised to see this picture among others on the calendar.
Well, I had given this picture as a JPEG file in the Rose Festival photography competition (where it did not win anything!!) and the terms and conditions specified that the picture could be used by the Chandigarh Admn. What I did not know is that they would not have the decency to inform me of the fact that this was being used, have the decency to offer me a copy of that calendar and most of all not have the decency of attributing or giving credit to the photographer on the calendar!! And I am not even talking money here.


Anonymous said...


Dr. Gaurav Chhabra said...

Grt that it appeard in calender ! Pic is so lovely !
But no credits ??!! screw them Doc ! this is NOT done !!!
Credits na dena is such a ghatiya thing.

Pushpinder Singh Bagga said...

It very bad.

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