Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Meeting

Something vibrated in my pocket, and it was the phone which meant that it could not signify anything good. And it was not. Talk about not being pleasantly surprised. It was the summons to another meeting. A meeting that meant just that, a meeting. No beginning, no middle and quite definitely no end.
So swallowing my annoyance, and quelling a pang of anxiety that I have been fraught with lately, I went in. And there they were. Sitting around a table, knowing all along that there was nothing to be done and nothing to be had.
I was asked if I had anything to say, and I asked if there was anything that i was meant to say and anything that all this was about. As it turned out and as usual, there was not. And there was no Devil's Advocate around. And democratically, the inquisition was completed. I had been sentenced.

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