Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Not So Fine Balance

I was reading this book, A fine balance by Rohinton Mistry. Its good, its great. ANd was compelled to write a short note about it.
What I could not fathom is how every, and I mean every character is screwed up in life in the book.
I mean, the only somewhat cheerful person was a man who made a living by going around with a couple of performing monkeys and a dog. It so happens that the dog kills and eats up the two monkeys, the man kills the dog in grief and finally ends up with neither the dog nor the monkeys.
Kind of hitting below the belt.... But Such is life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chandigarh Administration 2010 Calendar- No Credits.

Ferris Wheel-2
Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
I went to a Chandigarh Admn office today for some work and I was pretty surprised to see this picture among others on the calendar.
Well, I had given this picture as a JPEG file in the Rose Festival photography competition (where it did not win anything!!) and the terms and conditions specified that the picture could be used by the Chandigarh Admn. What I did not know is that they would not have the decency to inform me of the fact that this was being used, have the decency to offer me a copy of that calendar and most of all not have the decency of attributing or giving credit to the photographer on the calendar!! And I am not even talking money here.

Engineering skills

Well, I AI-ed a non-AI 300mm 4.5 manual nikkor lens to go with my Nikon D200. Well, not completely succesful but it works and nothing got broken.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Happy New Ear

A new pair of ears actually. Along with hands, legs, and the rest of the body. I dont know if my brand new son is happy or not but I am. So that was my happy new ear.
As usual as the clock struck midnight and fireworks went off in the distance, I was tucked into a quilt, trying to make some sense of the corrections asked for my some moronic idiot of a reviewer for some paper had almost forgotten about. So I stopped, poured myself a large measure of Jack Daniel's whiskey in a large steel tumbler, broke of some ice from the fridge and made myself a nice stiff drink. I went back into the warmth of bed, saw my wife and son sleeping, and thought well, its just another day. Nursed my drink for a few minutes. Then finished it in a gulp.
Soon I was warm, and a little later fast asleep.
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