Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looking back

I was going through some posts in my blog today and suddenly it dawned on me. I have been on blogger for almost five years now. And there are certain conclusions that I could draw.
1. The readership of my blog is still crappy. I get maybe 7-8 visits in a day, and sometimes not even that.
2. The annual frequency of blogposts has gone down alarmingly.
3. The quality of writing has remained the same or maybe has deteriorated with a few bright spots.
4. I still think that I used to, and still do write fairly competently.
5. Reading some of those posts brought back a host of memories, more good than bad.
6. I love my blog.


Dhaval said...

Doc, one reason perhaps why you won't get much traffic 'on' the blog is probably because a few (a brilliant few, like me) read your blog using the RSS feed. :)

Shrinked Immaculate said...

Dhaval, thanks for the ugar coating.

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