Thursday, March 02, 2017

Viltrox JY 610 N II

Short review
So I got this small cheap flash off This was mainly because it is TTL and has some nice specs and is pretty compact.
First the good news:
  1. It is pretty compact. It is a  good fit on the Nikon D3200.
  2. It does TTL well in my experience.
  3. It is well finished, quality of plastics etc is pretty decent.
  4. I tried it on my Ricoh Gr, works on Manual mode. Great!!
  5. Has a pretty useful slave mode.
Bad news:
  1. The battery compartment is bad, my rechargeable cells were too snugly fitting, once in they wouldn't come out without some cajoling.
  2. Will have to find a solution to this problem.

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