Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Ricoh GR

Well I have a Ricoh GR and I love it. Seriously the most fun camera, never any dust on sensor stuff either. However I think there is one major flaw which is that of the retractable lens assembly. I think it is prone to break down. My camera gave up after less than 2 years. I switched it on one fine day and the lens opened up and just got stuck there. The camera switched off and would not autofocus. Fortunately the camera is in warranty. I sent it to Mumbai and am told that it will take a month or more to repair.
Meanwhile I trawled around the net and found that this is a pretty common complaint that the lens assembly just gives up.
So all potential buyers the GR is a fantastic camera but also prone to this problem.
The Fuji x70 with its non retractable lens assembly may be more robust that way.

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