Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cannabis, backlit

Cannabis, backlit
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I dont know how many people in the campus have noticed but we are all surrounded by a deluge of cannabis, called various other things by various other people such as Bhang, Charas, ganja, Marijuana, reefers, weed, pot, grass etc etc.
By all accounts it is a benign drug and if someone is bold enough to try and doesnt know how to, as me and i will tell you what to do (dont take it myself!!)
But on a serious note, marijuana has been I think unfortunately and rather unfairly vilified in the press and other media. By all accounts it seems to be favourably placed when compared to alcohol and tobacco which are over the counter and freely available and by the looks of it, as prices come down and there are more and more booze vends everywhere, things can only get worse. Lancet 2007; 369: 1047–53 by Nutt et al. is a very interesting article and a must read for anyone interested in this stuff.
The jury is still out on the matter of the relationship of cannabis and psychosis. But there is no doubt that cannabis does precipitate and worsen psychosis in some predisposed individuals. Only yesterday I saw a patient in my OPD, chained and bound with a case of bad cannabis induced, perpetuated and worsenened psychosis. But other than that Cannabis seems to be Ok as psychoactive drugs go and may actually be beneficial in some cases.

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