Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For Nisha

My one faithful reader, Nisha is the one I dedicate this post to. She has kept my hopes of a multi-million dollar publishing deal alive when similar delusions on my part have long since vanished. I dedicate her this post for her unstinting and unflinching propensity to comment on my posts, no matter how innocuous, inane or even down right stupid they may be. Nisha is the reason I still write as often as I do, and I hope she gets all that she wants pretty soon.
I have been posted to the ward, so I am not getting enough time to blog as before, and well my Flickr page too takes up the little time that i have online. But this ward posting has been interesting on many aspects, firstly my enforced education on the various aspects of the Nhatquanglan virus, secondly the whole idea of finally getting some authority no matter how facile and thirdly the opportunity to make a difference in the life of lots of patients and a few residents as well.
If asked to decide what I find most satisfying, I would unhesitatingly root for the opportunity to run a ward with a certain vision quite my own, and teach junior residents with a view quite my own. For the first time in career I have started to realize the power that influence has. And I often am reminded of how my practice and my view on psychiatry was shaped by my senior resident and now I find myself trying to teach them much in the same way. Scientific temper, objectivity, compassion and common sense being the pillars on which such practices rest.
Thanks Nisha, i will get back to you soon. And I hope your eyes get better soon.


Nisha said...

you are a good writter and you know that.

Nisha said...

There is a kind of food
Not taken in through the mouth
Bits of knowing that nourish love
The body and the human personality form a cup
Every time you meet someone, something is poured in- rumi

- wishing you the best always:)

porut said...

Namasthey dr ji, you have a very good sharp viewing of this world, person who visit your blog doesnt have to read any magazine or to analyze anything, all feeded here with accurate expression

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