Friday, August 03, 2007

Time Out in the Traffic Lights!!!

Talk about being penny wise and pound foolish!!! Suddenly there seems to be pound wise and penny wise phenomenon as well. I am talking about the suddenly and thankfully non-functioning traffic lights at the airport chowk while entering Chandigarh from Ambala. After going through hell with all that debris and chaos at the Zirakpur crossing, another traffic light that further concentrates the light and heavy traffic together is the last thing that a harassed driver like me needs every single god damn morning of the week, month or year. As a result the traffic is now a lot smoother, there is some space to maneuver instead of the constant apprehension and anxiety of a bus, truck, scooter, horse cart or whatever breathing down your neck all the time. Suddenly the first few kilometers into Chandigarh are thankfully more relaxed than before. I hope they have a similar idea with the seemingly mindless and idiotic decision to install traffic lights at the tribune chowk.
I have often thought that we are prone to mindless knee jerk reactions. Traffic lights for instance should be put up where they facilitate the smooth movement of traffic rather than actually creating stupid conditions where traffic jams are created. So thats a good thing that happened.

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