Thursday, December 20, 2007

Legislative Assembly-Chandigarh

I have recently been reading somewhat about the French architects of Chandigarh, namely Corbusier and Jeanneret. And the more I read, the more interested I became and thought that I might do a complete photo project on this topic. Its quite remarkable that Chandigarh is a city whose uniqueness (notwithstanding the obscenely high property prices) is often underestimated. As an experiment in architecture that took off and is successful in its own way, it is unparalleled. Personally, the more I have gone about, I have found Jeanneret's work to be much more humane and approachable. Corbusier on the other hand seemed to want to inspire awe in the onlooker and he succeeded too. Now things are compounded by the fact that all these magnificent buildings are in high security zones and are quite unapproachable. I hope that someday soon I will have the time to get permission and get some thorough recording done. Other than that, it is quite heart breaking to see decay take its toll through sheer callousness. The concrete is chipping off, and everything is across the barbed wire.

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