Thursday, February 07, 2008

A foggy winter morning

A foggy winter morning
Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
Winter has been late, snow fall is late too and my trips to the hills are always followed and not preceeded by snow. And I need some snowy pics to complete my Mcleodganj chronicle but for a change feel tired and truly out of the time to do anything like that. So I make do with interesting stuff nearby, like below the underbridge at Zirakpur, I was getting late for work, sure, but I saw the fog and the bridge disappearing into the cloud in a distance, I had my D40 and a 50 mm 1.8 nikkor. I got this picture too, small mercies do exist after all.


Nisha said...

Very nice pic and i was kind of looking for this place to know more about it. found this site and this article "Mcleodganj: A Country Within a Country" and the pics were nice.

Mother Jones RN said...

You take great photos. Thanks for sharing your work.


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