Sunday, February 17, 2008

how shitty can i get?


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Nisha said...

My love, the minute I saw you,
I started looking for you in all
In this search this “I” was lost
Then was found, lost in “You”
The differences were gone, when I realised
That you are lost in the heart of compassionate
And in the heart of heartless
Oh my beloved, It is your divine grace
You manifest as Love
Love in love, Love in Hate
Love in truth and Love in Lies
Thy will so high and free
This soul is longing for thee
Expressing its true nature in wonder and awe
Weeping for your love, that you alone know
Love for naught, for love’s sake only.

at the lotus feet of sri krishna
A prayer offered to sri krishna in the name of shrinked immaculate.. so he can become better post more.

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