Monday, April 13, 2009

The Problem

At the cost of sounding whiny, the problem regarding life is that nothing happens when you want it to. And the things that do happen, you can never be sure if you really ever wanted them.
Its, the clean.... obviousness of it all that kills you in the fucking end.
Man I hate this sucky connection.
I am in this moment of brilliant clarity..(must have talked about it before)...and this connection sucks to high heavens.
By the time it came up, I am done....something like just after having had it. Like all over....the bank is bloody funds.
I think I should have another drink soon.


delusionary-illusion said...

When You are having a moment of brilliant clarity, feel it, be with it, and dont try to get away from it.
Make sure you dont try to connect to anything when you have these moments, dont even try to take a picture of it, coz you cant.
This is a moment when you see things clearly as it is, when this happens to you next time, stay with it, it is called meditation:P
-Nisha is back.

Shrinked Immaculate said...

O, next time it happens, I give you a call and you can call me back so that we can discuss it.

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