Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Accident a Day

I do not know how this guy managed to turn turtle, but maybe a mangled bike close by (not in the picture), had something to do with it.

Now this one is real interesting. He is turtle too, and there is no mangled bike or for that matter any other plausible reason nearby. What is however, significant is that he was carrying empty alcohol bottles (the whole width of the road was covered with shards of glass). Maybe the fumes got to him.
Sometimes there is more than one....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funny SIgns and Symptoms

Sometimes I see some very signs on the roads and on shops and stuff. And they set me thinking too.
Seeing this one, I started to think. I had been sent to the market to buy half a kg of pakoras but seeing this I stopped in my tracks and looked around to see if I could be seen by anyone I know. The coast was clear, the pakoras could wait, and making myself as unobtrusive as possible, I tiptoed to this shop for a quick look.
There was no pornographic material available.
I walked out disappointed, the pakoras were still available, and I went back to watch the cricket match on TV.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Folly et al

I prescribed folic acid to some lady and when she came back to show me the medicine, I was somewhat amused to see the trade name. I could not help smiling and I am sure that the lady must have noticed too. The name of the medicine was 'FOLLY".
I wonder which people the pharma companies keep to dream up those names.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the go

When I drive back from Banur to Chandigarh or Dera Bassi, I see a lot of interesting stuff.
I think I will post a few over the next few days to entertain a certain someone who is scoring consistently high on the 'Sour-puss:Wet blanket' scale.
The other day when I was stuck at the Banur traffic lights (which I nearly always am), I saw this guy taking some idols to a temple somewhere. it was the Navratra season, and people are generally full of piety at such times.
I whipped out my phone and took this picture. What is interesting about this picture other than the fact that the gods need a protector and that they are covered is the fact that the tiger (the goddesses' vehicle) has a removable tail. Apparently, the tail is the weak part of the sculpture as well as the fact that it probably takes up too much space. Therefore, someone had the bright idea of putting a pin at the proximal end of the tail and just kinda plugging it into place when needed which I think is a fairly cool way of doing things.
By the way, the man on the truck is not shooing some dogs on towards me, rather he was humming some song to himself and he was moving his fingers in time to the music.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Problem

At the cost of sounding whiny, the problem regarding life is that nothing happens when you want it to. And the things that do happen, you can never be sure if you really ever wanted them.
Its, the clean.... obviousness of it all that kills you in the fucking end.
Man I hate this sucky connection.
I am in this moment of brilliant clarity..(must have talked about it before)...and this connection sucks to high heavens.
By the time it came up, I am done....something like just after having had it. Like all over....the bank is bloody funds.
I think I should have another drink soon.
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