Tuesday, December 07, 2010

In Search of Love

In Search of Love
Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
This is a short short story. And it is in first person. I am this middle-aged woman, and I love blue. In fact, I love blue so much that I became blue. And I mean that psychologically. And before I knew it, I was all alone and blue. So I went out looking for love. I searched high and low, under the ground and in the sky, in dry places and wet, in green places and gray. Some people I met, I liked, some said they loved me. I did not believe any of it, I did not know what it meant. Then one day, I was told of love that was waiting for me at the end of a long, steep stairway, in a stony, hard fort next to a beautiful forest with a few tigers. So I made it there, and saw one tiger. And I looked for love, and when I found it, I must admit, it was not quite what I expected.
I am still blue.

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