Saturday, January 01, 2011


Some of my readers (well about one of the two who read this blog about once in 6 months) have been complaining that I dont write as much as I did earlier. Kind of stands to reason whenever I look at the number of posts each year that this blog has been on. And sometimes it kinda embarrasses me.
So I decided that on this cold January morning, when it is cold and gray outside, and slightly better inside, I would spew out more venom against myself this year round.
And yes, my new year tradition of welcoming the new year continues. Only difference this time was that the tumbler was of crystal and the booze was Johnnie Walker. I have finally decided that Jack Daniels doesn't work for me. I mean its dark and tastes too much like rum.
And the book this time was Jinnah India-Partition Independence by Jaswant SIngh. Wife and son remained the same. Wife was sleeping (as before), son was not.
So guys, see you around hopefully more often this time.

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