Sunday, November 05, 2006

McLeodganj-day 2

By the time I got back, it became cloudy and started to rain intermittently. J had another walk back to the temple in search of some interesting faces.

And I found all sorts...

Old lady at the temple complex

A monk prostates before the shrines in the courtyard of the main temple

A monk takes back the idols after the ceremony is over..

Paragliders over Dharamshala...led to a lot of excitement everywhere

Lichen on the walls

As I was getting out of the temple, it started to rain heavily. I took shelter under the staircase waiting for the rain to end. Soon a blind beggar joined me and put up his wares. As there was place only for one, I got up. I had notices earlier that he said hello to foreigners and namaste to Indians when asking for alms. Asked him how he did that since he was so obviously blind. He told me that he did it randomly. Yet I never saw him make a mistake. Gave him some money for having let me photograph him.

The rains stopped soon enough...went out into the streets for my last bit of photography in Mcleodganj.

Charming faces all around..

A happy couple taking shelter from the rain ....the woman is busy knitting some stuff to sell as trinkets.

Drying up after having been caught in the rain

A monk shouts at some novices to join him ASAP.

Another face in the streets

At the coffee shop

The Buddha Bar

Lords of the rings

A Khampa warrior selling keychains.. was happy to get photographed.

Most people in Mcleodganj are trying to eke out a living in a foreign land the best they can,peace and nirvana come about while they are at it.

Next stop Gyuto and Norbulingka....later.

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