Sunday, February 11, 2007

Freak weather and good times

Just when we all thought that winters are over, the rains are back. And with a bang too. Its deliciously cold again, I have been told that there is over 2 feet of snow in Simla and its a perfect time to snuggle into my quilt and let the world go to hell.
Unfortunately that is not always possible.

There are always small pleasures like a steaming cup of tea made for you. Its such a wonderful feeling to be spoilt silly and thats exactly what I am enjoying these days. Such wonderful times never last long so I am making the most of it while it does.

Yes, this is the season to sit in the car and make strange shapes on the misted windshield and take pictures of passing cars.

And life will always find a way, work will go on through soggy, wet underwear and mouldy bread. But life today feels good.
Let the good times roll some more.

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