Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Noise-Perception Vs Apperception

Its 6.30am and I am blogging after many days. I may point out that 6.30am in Punjab in winters is still an unearthly hour for most people. I may also point out that I just drove 25 kms from home to get to PGI when my work wont start until 9 am.
It had been perfect until yesterday, there was the promise of good weather, good company and good food, all washed down with some good Himachali wine and to top it all up, a night of good sleep.
And so it was until 4.45 AM when I was awoken by a loudspeaker from somewhere close to my home which carried the sonorous voice of a preacher reciting the Guru granth Sahib. Now, being awoken on a winter morning at 4.45am, albeit by religious recitations absolutely does not fill my heart with piety and good feelings for the rest of mankind.
In earlier days, I might have gone over to wherever this din was playing and switched it off as the priests of the temple and gurudwara in my locality discovered, but this time it was raining and suddenly it seemed worthless to even try. A sense of despair filled me and I thought that I was doomed to take all this, all my life. I tried reading a book, trying hard not to curse they who were responsible, and finding it impossible took a bath. I put on a set of clean clothes and startde to make my way back home.
But before I did that, I went to this place where the loudspeaker was playing and saw an old man in a saffron turban standing outside, an old woman sweeping the courtyard and the sound of coughing was now audible in the background with the recitation still in full flow. So I went up and asked the old man how long he planned to play the loudspeaker, he was at a loss for words and pointed out to another man who came out and told me that there is an Akhand Path going on and the bhog or the completion would be tomorrow at 10 am. He invited me inside but I walked away.
Drove through the drizzle and muddy streets until I reached the streets of Chandigarh. The newspaper delivery boys are starting to make their rounds, and the milkmen are out on their huge motorcycles. Some old men in heavy woolens and umbrellas are making their daily walk, and soon the residents will return bleary eyed from their night duties.
And a new day will start.
Nature abhors vacuum, but silence is not that. Its full of so many possibilities. Isnt that the biggest gift?
On a brighter note, I am now a published photographer. A picture I took got printed in a travel magazine brought out by the India Today group. I took my D200 to Kasauli for a trip and took about 222 pictures and I must say it handles like a dream. The only problem is the money I will now have to shell out for the lenses. I will probably never be able to afford them so I might as well buy them before I have no money left!!!
The pictures above were taken with a D200 and a 28-70 nikon lens.


Mother Jones RN said...

Congrats about the photo. Good job! You are very talented.


tatastha said...

Congratualtions!!! Well Done !! I am so happy for you as i know it means a lot for u to get it published..one of ur 1000000000000000 pics huh?. i must see it. wow great. Seriously I am soo happy for u. Hurrayyyyyyy, Hallelujaaaaaaa Praise to the lord Jesus.. Father son and the holy spirit too.. O let not carried away. plz somebody stop me. I am so00 exceited !!

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