Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just cant let go...

I just saw this 75-year old man who came to with complaints of sadness of mood and wanting to give up all worldly possessions. It came out that he had been ok until about 5 years ago when his wife in a fit of passion told him that she had married him out of convenience and compulsion and that she had lived with him with distaste and would continue to do so all her life.
Now its ok to be imparted such info early on in marriage but coming to know this at the fag end of your life is a bit discomfiting to say the least.
Now even though his wife denies having ever said such a thing, he just cant let go......and so and so forth.
So he is miserable and though he says that he thinks as to how unhappy his wife must have been living with a man she did not love, I can see that he feels sorry for himself for having lived with a woman who did not love him and did not let him know until it was too late.
Now, this affair does give rise to a couple of interesting questions. Namely, is it just what he says and nothing else or is it so that he hated his wife so much all along that this gives him the reason to hold on to this....and continue having a reason to vindicate himself for ever more?

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