Friday, September 19, 2008

Why do we blog?- Because it is there!!!

Yesterday was an interesting day, I talked with my wife. Mostly i am talked to but yesterday I talked with her. And over a cup of coffee, and discussions regarding a certain, important and practical piece of research that I came across; I asked her why she doesnt have a blog.
She asked why i had one! And frankly that is when I thought of it. And I dont know, have no ideas as to why I have a blog. So I googled " Why Do We Blog" and got a total of 133,000,000 responses, which I cannot even start reading.
So my wife tells me that people who blog bare themselves in an artificial medium in front of people you cannot see. Do I bare myself in my blog? I think not, I just type in a few random lines about something interesting or important that may have happened in the day. That is if I have the time and energy to do so.
Is my blog me? Yes, it is. It is as much me as anything else.
Do I mind the artificial medium and people I cannot see, not really. I dont know whether people read all that I write at all or not. And so that does not guide my writing.
Do I crave for real people and baring my soul in front of them. I do not mind real people but baring my soul, I wonder if anyone really does. Except those, who write fiction.
And the Marilyn has nothing to do with this post!!

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