Saturday, September 20, 2008

Freaky weather

It hasn't stopped raining the past 36 hours. I wonder if we are going to have bad roads for some more time now.
On the other hand, I read this book "Soldier Sahibs" by Charles Allen and I came away with the feeling that history is written by the victors.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why do we blog?- Because it is there!!!

Yesterday was an interesting day, I talked with my wife. Mostly i am talked to but yesterday I talked with her. And over a cup of coffee, and discussions regarding a certain, important and practical piece of research that I came across; I asked her why she doesnt have a blog.
She asked why i had one! And frankly that is when I thought of it. And I dont know, have no ideas as to why I have a blog. So I googled " Why Do We Blog" and got a total of 133,000,000 responses, which I cannot even start reading.
So my wife tells me that people who blog bare themselves in an artificial medium in front of people you cannot see. Do I bare myself in my blog? I think not, I just type in a few random lines about something interesting or important that may have happened in the day. That is if I have the time and energy to do so.
Is my blog me? Yes, it is. It is as much me as anything else.
Do I mind the artificial medium and people I cannot see, not really. I dont know whether people read all that I write at all or not. And so that does not guide my writing.
Do I crave for real people and baring my soul in front of them. I do not mind real people but baring my soul, I wonder if anyone really does. Except those, who write fiction.
And the Marilyn has nothing to do with this post!!

Anuradha Sriram

Most of the traffic on my blog is directed around, surprisingly enough, a certain Anuradaha Sriram who I was lucky enough to photograph and watch perform in Chennai.
Well, this post is to thank Ms Sriram and tell her if she ever-ever-ever reads this that I think she is a great artiste and that she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A worsening rash

Just cant let go...

I just saw this 75-year old man who came to with complaints of sadness of mood and wanting to give up all worldly possessions. It came out that he had been ok until about 5 years ago when his wife in a fit of passion told him that she had married him out of convenience and compulsion and that she had lived with him with distaste and would continue to do so all her life.
Now its ok to be imparted such info early on in marriage but coming to know this at the fag end of your life is a bit discomfiting to say the least.
Now even though his wife denies having ever said such a thing, he just cant let go......and so and so forth.
So he is miserable and though he says that he thinks as to how unhappy his wife must have been living with a man she did not love, I can see that he feels sorry for himself for having lived with a woman who did not love him and did not let him know until it was too late.
Now, this affair does give rise to a couple of interesting questions. Namely, is it just what he says and nothing else or is it so that he hated his wife so much all along that this gives him the reason to hold on to this....and continue having a reason to vindicate himself for ever more?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ShahJehan Built The Taj Because He Could Afford It!!!!

Another message for all those who are harassed and embarrassed by their not necessarily loved ones!!

An interesting morning with a snake

An interesting morning followed an interesting night (damn! I cant get that interesting spelling right only with the spell check). I got up still feeling tired and disgusted...actually the disgust came later. Spent an inordinately long time reading the newspaper and not actually understanding anything that went on in it.
I drove down in my clothes not seemingly fitting well. Did not even notice the trees and the fields that somehow cheer me up every morning and then I saw it almost too late. A huge, glistening, black-brown snake slithering across the road. I slammed on the brakes hard to avoid running it over, and almost went out of control. But the snake now slithered across the road unharmed and unscathed. I felt somewhat better...
So I stopped at a dhaba a few miles down the road....feeling hungry now. I ordered two large parathas with butter and a big glass of lassi to wash it down. By the time I finished my breakfast, I was rs 70 poorer and disgusted again. And that is the way I am now!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oscar Wilde

I am a fan of most things Oscar Wilde, but certainly not all. This however, absolutely really takes the cake. The picture of Dorian Gray and Oscar Wilde quotes.
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