Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Journey Back

I woke up at an unearthly hour of 3am because I had a flight at 6 am. Got driven down to the Chennai airport where I was greeted by lines at the check in counters that might have put those at the Ludhiana counter of the Chandigarh ISBT to shame. I always thought that air travel was slightly hassle-free. But now I have come to realise thats its only more so.
The flight took off o time, down below was a thick carpet of clouds that stretched away to eternity. Reaching Banagalore, the pilot decided to get back to Chennai because of fog!! First time I heard of fog in Bangalore when there was none in Delhi. The only good part was getting to see a most delightful sunrise over the clouds.

Some of the passengers decided to catch up on sleep.

Eventually reached Delhi at 2pm in stead of 10am. Hungry, and tired. And went away from the airport looking for old flames.


tatastha said...

Nice pics, esp the one with clouds.

tatastha said...

Good night my angel time to close you eyes
And save these questions for another day
I think I know what you've been asking me
I think you know what I've been trying to say

promised I would never leave you
And you should always know
Where ever you may go
No matter where you are
I never will be far away

Good night my angel now it's time to sleep
And still so many things I want to say
Remember all the songs you sang for me
When we went sailing on an emerald bay

And like a boat out on the ocean
I'm rocking you to sleep
The water's dark and deep
Inside this ancient heart
You'll always be a part of me

Goodnight my angel now it's time to dream
And dream how wondeful your life will be
Someday your child will cry and if you sing this lullaby
Then in your heart there will always be a part of me

Someday we'll all be gone
But lullabies go on and on
They never die that's how you and I will be

Billy Joel - Lullaby.

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