Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Beautiful Post

A very dear Tibetan friend, Phurbu wrote to me describing her experience at the recent ceremony held in the United States honoring HH Dalai Lama Of Tibet with the Congressional model, and I thought that this is so beautiful that I could not resist sharing it with all of you.

It was absolutely wonderful. For a moment we thought we might be able to see Tibet..may be for once we can point Tibet on the world map and say thats Tibet is. From the president to the speaker of the house, they spoke valiantly about China's treacherous occupation of Tibet and that Chinese premier should meet with His Holiness. They lavished in their praise of His Holiness and the tibetan people. Not another moment could equal that of seeing colorful tibetan flags flying high on the grounds of Capitol and have everyone in the Senate bow their head to His Holiness, as Nancy Pelosoki, the speaker of the house said'No one deserves to be living in this earth as much as His Holiness." This is the first time the West Lawn of the capitol hill was allowed to use for cultural activities. We felt comforted by the love and support of US. Well it was truly a historical day..and for once my heart was at peace and innately happy.:)

As for myself, I consider myself really fortunate to have had the oppurtunity to have seen him on more than one occasion.

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