Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Theory Of Mind (TOM) and The Theory Of Art-2

What utter bullshit!!!!
Yes, 'what utter bullshit', an honest down-to-earth and beautiful comment that I got in response to my last post on the theory of mind and the theory of art. Now the author of this post is someone by the name of 'Manisha'. Now a quick google for the word 'Manisha' gives about1,400,000 possible hits. Now assuming that the owner of this name is amongst these 1,400,000 hits, it might take me a little less than a lifetime to find who may be the one who did it and why. So I will just assume that it was written in a fit of anger by one of the at least two Manishas' that I have known well in my life time so far.
So far and so good, yet. But to come to the 'what utter bullshit' question in the light of the Theory of mind and art post, it does throw up several....well maybe less than several intersting possibilities. Lets examine these:
1. Manisha is 'normal' in the TOM sense of the word. That is, she thinks that this post was uteer bullshit, and is aware that it is only Manisha who thinks that it is. It is possible that others think so too, but Manisha cant be sure of that. Therefore, Manisha's tirade/anger outburst isJustify Full probably done in a fit of self righteous zealousness to save the world of such drivel as is normally found on this blog, or, it was because Manisha has another axe to grind that may eventually reach the back of my neck at a great speed sometime in the near or distant future.
2. Manisha is autistic in the TOM sense. Now that is difficult to confirm because its difficult to actually empathize or mind-read (Hey, TOM again!!!) unless I can observe Manisha in action and find out whether Manisha's tirade is in response to some ritual that was interrupted by this post or that it was simply a psychotic process.
I hope the author of that remark will come back and respond.
Meanwhile, I better get that comment moderation thingie in order.

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