Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It rained today..it is still drizzling, and it rained today like I have not seen it rain in a long time. It started off with a few lazy drops when I got into the ward and when I got out, I almost could not believe the fury of the rain. It was pouring down, abd straight down, big heavy drops that were not moved from their path by the wind. And for people like me, who never run, there was no escape. And the choice was to get wet and thoroughly at that or to find shelter. And Sikhs hate to get their turbans wet. So I walked briskly through the rain and eventually found shelter in the verandah of the hospital mortuary. There in the gloom and the din raised by the rain, I sat down on a bench, sharing it with a few sad faces waiting to take their loved ones away. Some were sitting quitely, trying to keep warm, some discussing the rain, one talking on the phone with someone and asking that someone to eat and drink well. I sat down, wait for the ambulance that blocked the path of my car to move. I passed time sitting there looking at the interesting patterns the drops of water made on the indentations in the modified trolleys for corpses. SUddenly I could stand it no longer. The rain too eased a bit, I looked for the driver and asked him to move his ambulance, a request to which his acceptance was more eager than I expected. Maybe he could wait no longer as well. I tiptoed through the water and got into the car. I am in this comfortable, warm room now, maybe I will have a coffee sometime soon. It was an interesting evening.

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