Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
The other day, I was at the railway station. I reached there quite by default. But there I was, sitting on a bench and I saw this family, obviously poor, a man, his wife and a kid sitting there in the midst of some jumbled up bags maybe containing all manners of household objects. And I thought that I wanted to get into that train that was pulling out and go wherever it was going to and see what happens then. But there I was sitting on the bench, much like that family waiting for the right train top pull in. Quite significantly though, I got out of the station before the train came in. And I drove home thinking again of that family and where they were and where they would want to be. The days of reckless courage, it seems are finally over. And now its all about living routinely and getting out of trouble as best as I can rather than into it. strangely enough, it seems to be more counterproductive than anything else.


Nisha said...

Kiss your life. Accept it, just as it is. Today. Now. So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by.”

Mother Jones RN said...

What a great post. Thank you for sharing your insight.


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