Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Candle Light March from Tsuglagkahng

I generally go to Mcleodganj every couple of months or so...I have waxed eloquent about the reasons numerous times in my previous posts. So those interested can refer back to those.
In continuation of the series of visits, I spent a weekend at Mcleodganj that also doubled up as my honeymoon. As it turned out, because of paucity of time more than anything else...i did not have much of a choice in the matter. As it turned out...I was quite happy with the whole experience. The weekend in question also coincided with the start of the protests that again drew world attention to the Tibetan question. And for once, Mcleodganj became a cauldron of angry, self righteous Tibetans from a peaceful hill station teeming with honeymooning and not so honey mooning couples.
There were marches every single day, and candle light marches every evening. It was touching to see groups of people coming together, fighting for a country that many of them have never seen. A hunger strike went on unabated and monks and nuns from surrounding areas made up the numbers. Another tent had children from the Tibetan Transit school.
There was a fairly large media contingent as well, and now after a seems that there is no real effect and no real change in anything.
The Tibetan people seem to be waiting for a world that doesn't care, or for guidance from a god that seems to have counseled patience since the last fifty years.

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