Saturday, April 19, 2008


After ICL, Its IPL. And I am watching a match on TV right now. It seems cricket has finally become a business in more ways than one.
Most of the matches have been very one sided so far so nothing great in that respect so far, more irritating than that is the type of advertising on TV during these matches. Having the beginning and the ends of the overs lopped off is common stuff, but there is a new virus in town. Its the Vodafone and the Godrej ads being shown during the overs. It some sort of an animation that takes up some off the screen and more than that is the music that cuts off whatever the commentators are saying right when they have something interesting to say. I mean, the advertisers and the TV wallahs cant always have such a low opinion of the intelligence of the viewers. I hope they mend their ways soon. Its not always money that counts.

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italicsblogs said...

THe ads are atrocious and very irritating. Cant help cursing Sony


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