Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Long Sabbatical

After a rather long hiatus/sabbatical in which lots of people had the opportunity to get educated about the hindi equivalents of orgasm, I am back, and thankfully (whew) not for long. What with marriage (finally/holy shit!!), a trip to McLeodganj (Free Tibet!!!!) and Lahore (Long live ...umm...well all Lahore??) under my belt, blogging is pretty much outta question.
Pyaar ke side effects is a silly movie I once saw long ago and I have one more side effect to add, after shaadi the biggest side effect is not having the time to wipe ur ass in the morning.
Man.....I GTG.


Sourav said...

You got married?! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

everyday I find ways to avoid getting married and not having time to wipe my ass in the morning??! another reason to add to the list haha... but hey congratulations!

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