Friday, April 25, 2008

A virus in the CF card

I have read at various places that computer viruses do not infect memory cards....well that is not entirely true. Yesterday, at a friends place I plugged in a CF card that he had got from his friend and found a USB type autorun virus that i blogged about previously under the Nhatquanglan name.
As I connected the CF card to my laptop, the free AVG antivirus lit up and healed the infection too, I wonedr might have happened if the CF card was put into his canon 400D SLR. It seems that if a CF card is used like a pen drive or a flash drive to transfer data (pictures even) from one infected computer, it can be infected with this type of virus. What it does when plugged into a camera is something I dont know and dont want to find out. To all those reading this, do not use your CF cards as pen drives, use them to store pictures in the camera. keep your computer clean with any antivirus...burn pictures on to a CD, use the CD to get pictures printed from the shop (if you dont have your own printer).

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