Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yesterday was an eventful day, we lost the ARD election and then went to a rock concert to lighten up somewhat. As it turned out, it was money well spent. Some pictures.....................

Govt Art Museum-12th Oct, 2006. I liked the way the black cat echoes the godess.

A view of the 2 camps on election eve below the upper cafe...

Some pics from the Parikrama concert taken with my cheapo cell phonecam.
You can check out the website of parikrama here.

Sonam Sherpa on guitar and Imran Khan on violin

Sonam and Chintan Kalra on bass guitar (looks stoned all the time)

God plays a guitar

The light shines through...

Yeah man........

A great picture lost...only if I could move to my right......


Rahul Ram Of Indian Ocean....vocals and guitars
He has been involved in the Narmada bachao Andolan and has done a PhD in environmental toxicology, Cornell University USA.

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