Wednesday, October 25, 2006


After my last rant about diwali and my need to get away. I finally did move out early morning on 21st october, 2006. But before we get on to the real stuff, lets see what we do need to be a successful traveller.
1. The traveller: Alone, in a group, man, woman, child whatever. Doesnt matter much. Fitness of mind and body helps, and money is useful but not absolutely essential.

2. The road: The worse, the better. An occasional tunnel is always welcome.

3. Eyes, senses:Over here, eyes, ears, touch, smell, Om-1, manual SLR with a light meter that doesnt work, ISO 100 film, mostly fuji and lots of trigger happy fingers, not to forget the nokia 6680 cameraphone.

So alone, unsung, unsinging and grim, I set out to where the world is still Ok, and it doesnt matter anymore. After a half hour or so of fairly smooth sailing, was beset by a traffic jam the size of a hippo's butt. And that wasnt all, there were more holes, potholes, animals, and other stray flora, fauna and miscellany to spice up the road. Coming back to the first traffic jam, it was to let a goods train go through. It eventually arrived after 40 minutes by which time the traffic jam resembled a very big hippos butt. But no matter, peace.

The man at the railway crossing, patience is taught not learnt.

Whats the hurry mate?? This bovine seems to ask, ask me about my life too. Isnt that what travel is all about. I tried, genuinely but I am poor at languages.

Murphy's law isnt always true....I am still alive. The light at the end of this tunnel was just sunlight.
More tomorrow.

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