Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Diwali

Well, A Diwali every year cant be all that happy. So I started to think of places where Diwali wont be that big. And as usual, I came up with Mcleodganj. I seem to think that McLeodganj is the place where everything is ok with the world. And thats where I will be, this Diwali, and alone at that. Maybe, I will get some good pics and since Subodh wont give me his EOS any longer, its back to scanning pics taken with my old faithful OM-1 SLR.
But to keep everyone enetertained and piqued, some pictures that I took over the past couple of days.
I must also place on record, the fresh whiff of air that has recently blown through the department and has dusted off most dusty brains. May the good times roll yet.....

Our very own Sydney and Swapnil, I wished this would have been a much better pic, certainly as good as it deserved to be. Maybe I will ask them both to pose when I am better prepared.

I love this picture...just that ...enough said. I could probably write a story just looking at it. I love Chicken, though I dont eat em any longer.

Locomotion: I generally dislike taking pictures like this, but as I was getting my cycle repaired I saw this scene unfold and I knew that this was a picture waiting to be taken. There are so many modes of transport here.

A funny cartoon I came across while looking for stuff for my genetics of addiction seminar. What a drag, what a field day.

Because I wont be here this weekend, the next edition of heights of similarity, book cover will have to wait for some time. And to all those so inclined, Happy Diwali.

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