Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pizza Party

Who will make up if we are both angry together??

Today being the last effective day of Dr Zoe in the department, a pizza party was organised. Helpfully enough, Dr Zoe was kind enough to do the organizing and the paying for it too. may she be back many many times. But seriously, I hope she will soon write some stuff for this blog. True to form, i was there to take part in the last pizza party.

Without further we go.

The pizzas when they were untouched, unfelt, innocent and full of zest for life.

But good times never last even when good people do......

And soon, there was keen non verbal competition for the last piece of pizza of the last pizza party.

Some pics after

Thoughtful me, others look appreciatively on......

the smile that launched a thousand ........dunno this pic though.

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