Thursday, March 01, 2007


I was taking an early morning walk up the Thardoling road in Mcleodganj when I came across a secluded spot just above the Kirti monastery. From here I could see the Kangra valley for miles. Being very tired and having nothing better to do, I sat down on the ground and watched time. There was an occasional Tibetan, dog or mule that passed me by. Many watched me with some mild degree of interest, a few really did not bother. And thats what I like about Mcleodganj, its the degree of freedom that it affords. Come, do your own thing and back you go...into the real world again.
However, paradises have a tendency to get lost. And Mcleodganj is no different. As I sat there, I could see the way the deodhars have been systematically killed, and land illegally occupied, and rules flouted. All for a few quick bucks.
From there, my thoughts drifted away to the past and the turmoil that i have seen. It was a thrill to suddenly realize a feeling of normalcy after a long time. But then as events proved, so much is so fragile. And loneliness is but a footfall away. Gradually, I felt the cool wind take away the pain and the stiffness. And then there was an emptiness that was not at all unpleasant. In fact, it brought back some vaguely remebered emotions.

I came back to life, and to perception, shaken out of my reverie by the raucous crowing of a raven making its rounds high above the Kangra valley. It was looking for breakfast and suddenly I felt hungry too. The light had changed, the mist had cleared from the valley floor. And I could see the trees and houses clearly, another day had begun and people were up and about. The traffic on the road had increased too and there was a constant stream of silk skirts trooping past. So I decided to leave my seat on the grass, and my grandstand view. I stood up, and walked downhill to the Tsuglhakhang to take some more pictures and get some breakfast back at the Chinar lodge.

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tatastha said...

The Return of Raven

Messenger of Mind
The black of conscousness,
Which was buried in deep darkness
Moments of human life
A New Page is turned
The Raven Retured.
Intimacy of unholy fascination
Know Perfection is an Imagination
Wholeness is the essence of presence

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