Monday, March 05, 2007

A Sportsman

I played cricket after many years tonight, and made exactly 0 runs and was hit for so many runs in the one over that I bowled that I am ashamed to think about it at this moment in time. Throughout my life, I have been average at a great many things, bad at a substantial minority, and good at precious little. Some people would contest that precious little too. But the one thing I have been uniformly awful at is sports and games. Those may be any kind, Indoor or outdoor, mental or physical, individual or team. You name it, have played it, and been beaten black and blue, been the last to be picked up, been the least valuable player etc etc. And that is not for the want of trying but due to an inherent, effortless clumsiness that has always been a close companion. In such a scenario, the few moments that i might have come out with some credit are truly cherished memories.

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tatastha said...

O come on !! I know you can PLAY songs and you played the best songs last time. hehe cheer up :P

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