Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Rant

How does it feel, to stay awake until 3am only to see your national cricket team make utter and complete fools of themselves and 1 billion (plus a few million) other people who follow this game in the country???
Well, I am sure many would have wanted many members of the team to be flogged publicly and quite frankly, I think its too good for them.
After having lost to Bangladesh (still cant believe it, Bangladesh), they beat Bermuda (fat policeman et al.) only to lose most humiliatingly to Sri Lanka and now we are collectively out on our collective butts of the super 8's of the 2007 world cup.
Everyone has an opinion, And here is mine. Sachin tendulkar needs to concentrate on his restaurant and his sunfeast biscuit ads, Harbhajan Singh already has a 4 kanal house in sector 9 Chandigarh, he has arrived. Ajit Agarkar should probably be given a benzodiazepine or better still a typical antipsychotic like haloperidol, maybe that will cure his grandiose delusion. The others, well....I dont know, I just hope they develop incurable motion sickness and aircraft phobia. That will probably get some new faces into the Indian cricket team.
And as for me, I woke up at 7am, got ready, saw some 10 patients suffering from various hues of drug addiction, abused the cricket team some more and am now ready to get some sleep and make up the shortfall.
BTW, Bermuda might still defeat the Bngladeshis and let India sneak in through the back door, but actually I hope they lose. Cant bear to see them lose and lose sleep over that in the near future.
On a serious note, those buggers owe it to the Inidan public to make some heads roll now, we cant work indefinitely on reputations alone.

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Nisha said...

Common, I knew they were going to lose big-time when lost to Bangaladesh. Dont be so harsh on indian team. I think they need good rest :P They didnt play very well but we know very well that sometimes it is really hard to win in life, especially when it come to sports!!!!!! dont we????? dont we?? hehehe. I think your anger is due to counter-transference. Dont be so tough on urself.

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