Saturday, March 03, 2007

Peace- Happy Holi-Day

I was looking through my pictures of Mcleodganj Losar when I came across this one. Instantly, I had that stab of emotion when I saw this lady for the first time in the Tshuglagkhang. There was a sense of peace that arose some yearning in me to be in a peace similar to this.
Considering the fact that I am presently in a state of beer induced bliss myself, I am sure my kins readers will excuse my digressions and indulge me some further.
It is only later that I tried to find what exactly that hand gesture signifies, and as usual googling got me some answers over here. Though I have not been able to find the exactly similar gesture, but it does seem to be a variation on the meditation gesture of a particularly Japanese type. Does anyone have any idea?
On the other hand, I often wondered why people have to travel to "holy" places. And having been to some and pretty sceptical after having been through most, I have come to the conclusion that some places do that when the mind is prepared enough. At the very least, when the mind is free and ready to accept peace and quiet, the 'soul', opens its gates for peace to enter.
I will continue my travels now.
Also to all, happy Holi. Have a good time and play it safe.

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tatastha said...

The Land of Love

am waiting and waiting
How long will this last, I do not know
My darling I am waiting for you
If I drag myself out from this pain
I shall suffer from pleasure
I am afraid that I am going back and forth
Into different states of pain
Or shall I say different states of pleasure
Tasting the life, living, just living every moment
Living in the hearts we’ve entered
Like the kiss that of gentle breeze
Tasting the death, dying, just dying every moment
Dying in the mind of law and logic
Like the embrace,that of the cold wind
With all these markings in my soul
I am waiting and waiting
I know you will come and carry me out
Carry me out beyond darkness and light
To the land of love, where no boundaries r drawn
In the name “You” and “I"

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