Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bridge at Neelon Village

Bridge at Neelon Village
Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
Its that time of the year, when days start getting smaller, and the nights longer. Only problem so far was that they were not getting any colder but from today onwards it seems that this gripe too is over for it has started to become cold. Mornings and evenings are hazy and cold, I was driving back from Ludhiana the other morning, and there were clumps of fog. These clumps of fog finally, sullenly gave way to the sun as the morning rose.
Its that time of the year that is the best for photography, the sun appears big, evenings and mornings are full of beautiful golden light and the shadows are sharp and true. Just the time to take some good landscape shots like this one here.
It was getting dark when I took this shot, and I was standing on a bridge that vibrated each time that a truck passed and I really had no mind to be found dead with an expensive digital SLR around my neck.
Therefore, this is all I took and moved on.


udit said...

theBeautifully dimming sun,
Sets in the hollowness deep,
Or swims on the waves for ever,
Spreading glittering rays while it creeps,
From the images here and there,
Screaming aloud I’m not all that weak,
As lover nature receives now
Spreading wide all green welcoming arms
Does this bridge bridge the gap between?
Does the beloved drown in the dark deep?
Let’s ask the darkness that follows
Do the lovers ever meet?
Will the secret be captured?

The secret darkness never reveals

Nisha said...

God's Nature

My love, the minute I saw you,
I started looking for you in all
In this search this “I” was lost
Then was found, lost in “You”
The needs have gone, when I realised
That you are lost in the heart of compassionate
And in the heart of heartless
Oh my beloved, It is your divine grace
You manifest as Love
Love in love, Love in Hate
Love in truth and Love in lie
Thy will so high and free
As Daylight you are embracing the darkness
As Night you are embracing the light
Covering each other in turn
Coming as day and night and twilight
You are deluding me with illusion
This heart is longing for thee
Not in need, but in wonder and awe
Weeping for your love, that you know
Love for naught, for love’s sake only

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