Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nero fiddled while Rome Burnt

I just got this delusional like thought in the morning academic. When Rome burnt, Nero fiddled. But was he plating first or second fiddle??
play second fiddle Assume a subsidiary role to someone, as in Mary resented always playing second fiddle to her older sister. This term alludes to the part of second violin in an orchestra. Although many would argue it is as important as first violin, it is the idea of subordinacy that was transferred in the figurative term, so used since about 1800.


Nisha said...

Did Nero Really Fiddle While Rome Burned?

hmmm. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was born to Gnaeus Domitius Anenobarbus, a great-grandson of Caesar Augustus - the Roman emperor at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.Nero's mother, Agrippina II, was the great-granddaughter of Caesar Augustus, and brother of Caligula, the third Roman emperor. Nero's father died when Nero was three and mother married her uncle whom she killed so Nero could take the position of the emperor.After 4 years Nero odered to murder his own mother and ever since he was sick in da head. According to all he was very EVIL. Nero committed suicide when he was 31 but let us come to the point..
According to Wayne Blank Bible research studies.. it is not possible for Nero to "fiddle" while rome burned.

Although Nero did consider himself a musician, mostly on the Lyre, it is impossible that Nero "fiddled" while Rome burned, as most people have come to think of it - the violin wasn't invented until about 15 centuries later. In fact, the legend that Nero "fiddled" while Rome burned itself began centuries after Nero's time, in referring to how Nero fiddled away his time on frivolous pursuits. As a noun, "fiddle" came to refer to a violin, but as a verb, "fiddle" originally meant either to avoid one's responsibilities, or to commit fraud. The verb form of fiddle was what was originally meant about what Nero was doing when the great fire of Rome began; it later came to mean that he was playing the violin, which wasn't even invented in his time.

At any rate, to divert suspicion away from himself, Nero blamed the great fire on the Christians, thereby beginning a persecution of innocent people that has never been surpassed. Many were killed by wild animals before crowds of spectators in the arena, while others were tied to posts, covered with flammable material, and used as human street lamps for Nero's gardens.

Shrinked Immaculate said...

So the HARP about fiddling is quite unnecessary???

occam said...

I came to comment that your picture was not of a fiddle but I see a more learned mind than mine has already addressed this.

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