Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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I found a most interesting place the other day, on the Chandigarh-Ludhiana highway, specifically, close to Morinda is a village called Sanghol or Uchha-Pind. Called so probably because it is situated on a mound that rises up from an absolutely flat plane that extends for hundreds of miles in every direction. More interesting is the fact this village has many ancient, Buddhist ruins. I discovered this fact quite by chance because there is one that is right on the main road and someone recently put up a board announcing its existence. The next time had a chance I went in exploring and it seems that only a very small area has been excavated and the stupas that have been dug up are quite fascinating. I have not had the chance to go back with proper photo equipment yet but this promises to be great. What is more unfortunate is the fact that such significant discoveries are not generally known. If properly preserved that whole area may be a major area. Its quite probable that the mound itself covers an ancient city waiting to be discovered.
Of interest is a fascinating museum close by where there are various artifacts recovered from this place. Of interest are some pillars which have various carvings on them. And since they lay undiscovered for so long, they are absolutely fresh and pristine in condition and preservation. And the women on the pillars are all buxom and beautiful, exactly like South Indian movie stars. Unfortunately, and for unclear reasons, photography is not allowed. I will post more pictures here when I get the chance.

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udit said...

to our eyes its a discovery

From the deep slumber as we wake
Looking at what ever eyes can see
Sensing it through what our heart feels
Discoveries we call what it reveals

Certainly there was an invitation for you
Displayed bold and brightly enough
It touched your soul and then you told
You love it more than you can behold

Just until you did not receive access
The secret seemed quite appealing to you
You filled your mind with all you could behold
You captured what you explored

Then soon you walked your way back home
Calling off deserted ruins they were wonderful
But not a place you'd always be
But not your soul’s ultimate discovery.

You must have walked past lots before
You have unlimited miles to still explore
What stays with you is your true soul
That finds solace in what ever is pure

But don’t forget life has lots more
Than still captures that eyes can hold
There is some place that will be dearer
Moving out of where will become a fear

Some day you will sure find that one
And pray to have it as your destination core
May be you just past by that one
May be you still need to explore.

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