Thursday, November 29, 2007

For Udit!!!!!

theBeautifully dimming sun,
Sets in the hollowness deep,
Or swims on the waves for ever,
Spreading glittering rays while it creeps,
From the images here and there,
Screaming aloud I’m not all that weak,
As lover nature receives now
Spreading wide all green welcoming arms
Does this bridge bridge the gap between?
Does the beloved drown in the dark deep?
Let’s ask the darkness that follows
Do the lovers ever meet?
Will the secret be captured?

The secret darkness never reveals

Dear UDit,
Our readers are most eager to know you better,
Kindly send across some manner of an intro....
Sh Imm.


udit said...


I’m just an idea
That strikes in every moment
Usually simple sometimes complex
Often ordinary rarely unique
Definitely slow but happen swiftly

Walked passed your mind sometime may be
Walked past your blog and could not keep
And left what ever I could leave
A word or two that you do read

That brings me solace that there is some one
Who is a reason for my writings may be
Who is reason enough recognition for me
There are reasons that people meet and never leave

And reasons that people leave and never meet
But few do leave and meet again
As if that was the ultimate destiny
Probally yes probally no like "souls ultimate discovery"

just as u visit new places so
like them and sit a while and go
like more and make it frequently
like all and make it yours may be

thats all you need to know of me
thats all I know of you may be


Nisha said...

I was one of that reader:)

Udit your writtings are wonderful ! long liveeeeeee ! udit the great !

udit said...

It’s nice to receive an acknowledgement
It’s better to receive some praise
It’s graceful to receive blessings
From every one around and allways

We collect all we receive around us
And still there is a regretting phase
When u want something and get all else
Still your ultimate you await

Thank you for all the praises though
I thank the author for acknowledgement more
Blessings to me in disguise
Scare me a bit although

For longer I live is the longer I wait
for receiving my ultimate
The wait although will never halt
like water cycle goes on

Though images captured will remain
As memories and last along
For some the movie is complete
For others the master piece is still on

I love rewinding the show again
And watching it for life
The disk lies by me always
And will be my side all my life

So living long is just the past
Visited and gone by long
So living long is just memories for me
And for am awaiting a movie to go on..........

As "the show must go on"

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